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Just Released - Live Now

Cirque:  A Literary Journal of the North Pacific Rim - May 16, 2024 "When We Were Truck Stop Women."

Gyroscope Review, April 16th, sound recording of reading of "At No Time Soon" previously published in Meat for Tea, the Valley Review

Meat for Tea, The Valley Review -  March 9 issue "Beside the River, With Clouds (Song Sans A Wedding Story)" and "Rescue, In 

A Cloud of Dust" and "Changeling" 

Upcoming Publications

Her Words, Black Mountain Press, Spring 24 Date TBA, "High Tide on Puget Sound," and "At the Fountain, Awaiting Magic." 

Calyx , A Journal of Art & Literature by Women,  Date of Pub TBA, "Apology While Throwing Daisies In the River"


AS Of May 2023, the full list of PUBLISHED Poems has been moved to the "All Publications" page - the list was getting a bit long and cumbersome for this page. Here instead I will be listing links to some of my favorite poems already published:



Monterey Poetry Review, Spring 24 release, "Impersonating the Carpenter's Apprentice" and "Learning the Apostles Creed."


October Hill Magazine,  Summer issue "The Forest of the Bitterroot" page 91 

Cathexis NW Press, January 2023 Issue, "How It Was When the Comet Came."

The Bookends Review, Sept 17 2021, “Ten Seconds On The Santa Monica Pier, Long Past Midnight” 

Happy to announce....

The editor of "Poetic Bond X" offered this commentary about my work in that anthology in a Press Release:  "Judith Mikesch McKenzie’s “Post Hoc” moves from refrain to refrain, like an echoing prayer, looking to the future, each negative word ‘poisoned’ ‘twisted’ ‘wounds’ countered by a positive ‘spring’ ‘sing’ ‘hearts’, a concise, beautiful poem. In “Looking Out the Upstairs Window” the longing to be outside is palpable, but when imagination does reign, Judith lets loose like a warrior before resting again to a whisper. Sweeping and uplifting." Like any writer, I'm grateful and elated to receive such commentary. To see the works, see the "All Publications" page for a link to "Poetic Bond X" 

More good news from Willowdown Books - who've published my story "A Perfect Circle Around the Moon" in their Anthology "Who We Are" 

So happy to announce that my piece "A Matter of Rocks" won in the top ten for the Tillie Olsen Short Story Contest, and was one of two semifinalists published in the July issue of the Tishman Review.  

Link to the pdf of the magazine here:  

The Tishman Review

UPDATE:  The Tishman Review (like many nonprofits) had to close their doors recently, so the link above no longer active.

The story published there up for a reprint soon - more info as available. 

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