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ALL of the items on this page are either FREE downloads or FREE offers of books/texts.   What is offered for free will change periodically.  To find or order an item you've seen before, once it's gone, go to the "Contact' page and send a message.   To download an item, click on the relevant image Or "click here" button.

As an Introduction to "The Weavers" series, a free sample of Book 1:  "Somewhere Never Traveled."  Also see link below to Book 2:  "The Map of Faith," just released! 
Full Novel available on Amazon and Nook, in book e-reader and hardcopy editions.
To get Free Sampe, click on image below.
It's a change none of them expected, and it will change the world..

When the next change in human evolution comes, it is not what anyone expected.  Three people, a combat veteran, a social worker, and a nine year old girl, all living in different parts of the country, forge an instant connection that they don't understand - but it will change the world.


To buy the novel on Amazon:
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"A River of Words - A New Method for Writing Groups"  is a guide book on a radically different approach to writing group process - leaving  feedback and line editing for regular group meetings, this special process t focuses on helping the writer to find their own RIGHT PATH as a writer - to make the best possible use of their gifts, and write the things they were born to write..

A link to the site to purchase the full book is below.  The "Download" button below also lets you download, for FREE, a four-page PDF which gives the RiverWords basis. 

To get your free RiverWords download, click on the 
"Download" button to the right.  

Click on the image to the left to 

purchase the full length book on  the RiverWords method. 

Text includes expanded information on each step in the process, training materials, 

and worksheets

To purchase Book 2, "The Map of Faith, click on the image to the left.
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