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​       "Maybe, with humor, we can get them to - I don't know - see each other."  - Samuel Joseph


           He took his first flight when he was only seven years old, flying over the fields of Western Washington state with his uncle.  Forever after, all he wanted was to be in the air -  to fly, to be a pilot. 

          When he was nine, his father moved the family to Ireland, where he had no opportunity to fly.  Then, one day, he stumbled upon the site of an American commercial shoot involving a dozen hang-gliders.   Running toward them, he is full of joy watching them fly,  and his  youthful joy is spotted by the shoot's director, who taps him to be a star - and his life is forever changed.  



"If you want to read something that is so real, so true, so powerful and so wonderful that it will stay with you long after the last page is turned, I strongly recommend that you read "The Hapless Life of Samuel Joseph." - T. Sullivan  

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A Gulf War veteran, a nine year old girl, an injured social worker - these three are the connection that brings the next change in human evolution, and, when it comes, it is not what anyone expects.


One day, on his uncle's farm, Arvin samuels shoots a cougar that has been attacking his uncle's cows.  In that moment, as Arvin's bullet tears through the brain of the cat, the three people who will change the future are connected, but, to find out what it means, they first have to find each other.  



"“Simply the best book I have read in years. The prose is evocative. The story is engaging. The characters are very real and likeable." - Amazon reviewer


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