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Books & More


1. Map of Faith (Weavers' Story Book 2)   Available:  Amazon/Barnes & Noble

2. The Hapless Life of Samuel Joseph  Available:  Amazon/Barnes & Noble

3. Somewhere Never Traveled  (Weavers' Story Book 1)  Available:  Amazon

4. Two Mothers' Speak (limited availability/out of print)


1. Personal Actions for Peace (peace activism handbook)  New edition in revision

2. A River of Words - a New Method for Writing Groups   Available:  Amazon

3. On your Way:  A Guide for Single Student Parents - Limited Edition/out of print

4. Transitional Mathematics (textbook)  Out of print


1. Tillie Olsen Short Story Contest, finalist (one of only two finalists printed in the journal, now out of print. Re-print to be available soon, announcement coming

2. Cunningham Short Story Contest, one of ten winners published in anthology "Who Are We",  Story titled "A Perfect Circle Around the Moon" Available on Amazon 


1. The Poetic Bond X - published two poems in anthology, "Post Hoc" and "Looking Out The Upstairs Window" - available Amazon

 (See  NEWS page for complete list of current poetry publications)

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